3 Tips for playing live Sic-Bo online

Live Sic Bo online is known to be one of the casino games which have had a fast rise to popularity. It is an East-Asian which is currently dominating the western world as well, which could be as a result of being one of the casino dice games which is rare and it becomes much simpler as compared to craps. Apart from that, the game can be played by having to apply various betting strategies which make it to be more fun.

The following are some of the tips which you can utilize while playing the Sic Bo online casino.

The long term strategy considered the best is even money bets

The Sic-Bo house edge tends to vary from 2.78% to about 30% and has a variety of bets which are included. If your goal is to have a bankroll which is healthy and several amount of money as you leave the live Sic-Bo table, then you should ensure that you stick to the even-money bets. The chances of winning the every-money bets are about 50% after you minus the house edge.

Find a live casino table which has the best Sic-Bo odds

Live dealer casinos tend to vary when it comes to payout for their live Sic-Bo games. That is the reason you need to look for the best payout odds before you stick with the first casino which you find. It is believed that, the largest payout in the Sic-Bo could be 180:1 at a given live casino, but for other casinos, they might offer it at the odds of 150:1.

It is a big difference and might mean getting little payout. It is something that you don’t have to neglect. But the good thing is that, the small bets like the specific double bet or total bet tend to vary in a small way. Nevertheless, it means less money for you.

You have to be careful when it comes to the total bets

You need to know that, not all the total best have the same odds. An example is that, the bets which are placed on the totals from 8 to about 13 do have a higher house edge of about 12.50% but the bets which are placed from 7 to about 14 have a house edge of about 9.70%. With that, what could be the logic step? It is to bet on the totals of 7 to 14. It will be the smartest strategy while playing Sic-Bo.