How does a live element change the way a casino game is played?

One of the big changes in the online casino industry in recent years has been the introduction of live games, where a human dealer is streamed onto the player’s screen. How has this way of playing changed the way that we can now take part in casino games?

More human interaction 

The most noticeable difference when playing a live casino game is that the dealer interacts with the people who join the game. This contrasts to the previous way that all online games were played, with all of the action taking place on a computer-generated table.

Essentially, the games are often the same. So, if you play blackjack, then you still want to get a better hand than the dealer, regardless of whether it is a human or a bot. However, having a real person to look at on the screen brings it to life.

Some games providers have moved their interaction up a notch by including more than one host at a time or encouraging them to take a light-hearted approach. Others stick to a strictly professional attitude as you would expect to find in any classy casino.

How the random outcome is generated

You might wonder whether having a human dealer raises or lowers your chances of winning money. The truth is that this change doesn’t make a difference on its own, as both types of game feature a completely random outcome but they are achieved in different ways.

A live dealer game uses the same approach you would see in a land casino, with the physical roulette wheel or deck of cards used to give a fair outcome every time. When you play on a virtual table, it is the use of a random number generator that produces the outcome. Either way, you can be sure that the game is played out fairly, provided you choose a reputable casino.

Any casino game of either of these types will have a return to player (RTP) figure. This RTP tells you how much they expect to return to all of the people who play it over a large number of games. So, it lets you work out the house edge and see whether or not it is worth trying.

A greater choice of games

Perhaps the biggest difference we have seen with the arrival of live dealer games is in the selection of different titles now available. Many operators have taken this opportunity to offer new themes and new ways of playing, as well as catering for players from different cultures with native language dealers.

If we look at a top NJ online casino like Resorts Casino, we can see a large variety of titles covering the likes of roulette, blackjack and baccarat. This means that you can look around the lobby and try a few different games until you settle on one that is right for your style.

The popularity of live casino games seems set to grow, so it would be no surprise to see even more different games offered in the future.